Colleen Fernald for US Senate 2018
California’s Candidate for PEACE

As the un-politician

I, Colleen Fernald, California’s Constitutional Candidate for PEACE!; swear an oath, to keep my oath of office, to protect and defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign and domestic.

I pledge to support the policies and funding for a strong Department Defense, and Veteran’s services; which focus on wellness, education, and Green jobs programs; to help restore our infrastructure, parks, natural resources; and well being of those who have given their service.

I will consistently oppose any strike-first use of force policies by: all branches of Armed Forces, Law Enforcement; all US Contractors, Intelligence Agencies and Special Forces; on both foreign and domestic soil. I will call for a repeal of the end to due process in the NDAA.

I further pledge to serve and protect State’s Rights; and honor the California Constitution.

I will work for all Californian’s equally, independent of: political party, age, income, gender, heritage, sexual preference, religious/spiritual choice, employment, or physical ability.