About Colleen Fernald

“Peace Voyager” 1968, Oahu, Hawaii

I’m a single mother of 3 children. My primary career is a Consultant – Information Analyst and Solutionist with a focus on sustainable property practices, products and services.

I have been a student at the Santa Rosa Junior College over the course of many years with 40 units focused in art, music, film, video and  computers.

I am pro choice and pro life. I consider myself omni-partisan and omni-religious; that is, I work to adopt and share the best of all I can find. I’m a citizen lobbyist for a safe, and greener world.

I vote for the person, not the party. Most political parties,”politics” as usual, and truth decay – are the primary reasons government is not working well at all levels. I am to be the remedy for that. So…

In 2008, 2010 & 2012 I ran for Sebastopol City Council.

In 2006 & 2012 I was on the ballot as a Democrat; though ran as the “Constitutional Candidate for Peace”, in the California Primaries for United States Senate.

In 2001 I joined the Sustainable Sebastopol Salon and began attending City Council meetings. As a result, I became Founder/Coordinator of the Sebastopol Sustainability Conference & Festival, which took place in 2002 and 2003.

In 2004, I partnered with the Producers of the Health & Harmony Festival to evolve this event into the North Bay EcoFest.

In addition to those events, I have applied my event production skills to: The Creativity Cafe, Children’s Interactive Expo, the New Living Expo, Harmony Festival, and the Sonoma County Watershed Day.

Non-profit work includes these former board positions: 4 years on the Board of Directors for the Russian River Watershed Council; Board member for the Graton Community Projects, and Project Manager for pollution prevention projects; member of the Sonoma County Water Coalition, the West County Watershed Network, and participant with the Salmon Coalition.

I was selected by then Santa Rosa Mayor, Jane Bender, to serve on the Climate Protection Campaign’s Community Climate Action Plan. Previously, I have done research for the Climate Protection Campaign.

While working for the Graton Community Services District, I initiated a grant request for Prop. 50 funds which resulted in receiving $650,000 for the GCSD and also have been involved in their groundwater management plan.

I have served as a citizen lobbyist for water quantity and quality issues on the local, State and Federal level. I attend many regional Water Advisory Committee meetings, the Santa Rosa’s PUC meetings, State Water Board in-stream flow and frost protection meetings, many Regional Water Quality Control Board and State Water Board meetings on water and watershed protection issues.

I have attended most Sebastopol and Santa Rosa City Council meetings, along with the Sonoma Country Board of Supervisors meetings since 2002; in order to learn how to refine, and work to influence important public policies for our region and nation.

On the political front, I wanted to raise the bar with regard to sustainability for Sonoma County as a whole, and entered the Board of Supervisors race in the 1st District in 2008. After meeting with another candidate, Will Pier, I dropped out and helped launch his campaign which has assisted him to be in the runoff this November and nearly defeat the incumbent.

I assisted the campaigns for: Dennis Kucinch, No Lowe’s big box development for Cotati, and GE Free Sonoma County.

I am dedicated to protecting our natural resources, and enhancing the wellness of: residents, businesses, pets & wildlife in the watersheds of Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, our county, state and nation.