Colleen Fernald
Santa Rosa City Council 2014

The primary reason I run for office – to swear the Oath of Office to protect and defend our Constitution. Honorably upholding that is the soundest way to ensure: fiscal security, civil rights, health & happiness.

I am not, nor will ever be a politician. I can be trusted to work for the greater good of how we live, work & play. I stand for you; no matter what: age; race; gender; income; religious, partner, or political preferences. Building better bridges of cooperation is the heart of what matters.

With your ongoing input, we can co-create inspiring ways of: governing without impeding sovereign rights; growing our local economy without sacrificing our vital natural resources and scenic beauty; increasing pedestrian safety; building trust & cooperation with public safety officers through citizen oversight; decreasing the risks to our air quality, water supply & quality – (no to water fluoridation!), fact-based climate security plans.

With passion and respect, I’m dedicated to serving our residents and businesses. Initiating solutions for a robust Santa Rosa vitality by sensibly improving our: infrastructure, parks, education & cultural opportunities, local food & clean energy production; enhancing our emergency preparedness; without increasing local taxes.

I appreciate your consideration and civic participation!