“Peace Voyager” Colleen 1969, Oahu, HI

The ideal question is not who will win the Sebastopol City Council Race; it’s will Sebastopolwin.Last time around we lost ground on some important issues concerning environmental and human health, traffic, pedestrian safety, etc.Now voters have seen me stand solid on these core values, for 4 more years.

If voters think the candidates position on CVS & Chase’s proposed new location is the only issue that matters, our dear town loses. What about water, GP update?

If voters think looking like a politician is enough, we lose.

Good thing Sebastopol has someone running to be the un-politian, the representative who runs the lowest carbon campaign; not intrusive or in the fray.

I’m just here; as always to represent. To Occupy that Council seat for the Public, not just the incorporated City. I did not take endorsements; that’s not 99%.

I’m not willing to raise our tax more than a quarter cent. The City of Sebastopol must get the needed resources from our Federal budget.

If this is what you think will best help Sebastopol win, just vote for one; the others are pledged to allegiances.

Single vote for me will be worth twice Sebastopol’s best interest.

Contact me for a small window or yard sign; or if you’d like to meet on election day for sign waving at the corner of 116 & 12.


Colleen Fernald

Sebastopol’s only –
Constitutional Candidate
For Peace Through Justice
Natural Resources & Energy Security

Colleen’s letter to Press Democrat

What do YOU want?

What are your best top 5 issues?

  • What’s working?
  • What’s almost working; how can we fix it?
  • What’s not working; what policies, and ordinances should we improve, overhaul; or end? Can we improve our General Plan?

I stand for the 99%. No matter what: age, race, gender, income, partner preference, religion, or political party. I love Sebastopol’s charm, colorful scenery and characters.

I’d like us all to build better bridges of cooperation, furthering our mutual best interests; respecting everyone’s sovereign rights. This City; and the well being of its residents, businesses, and visitors; are at the heart of what really matters.

For 10 years I’ve been deeply rooted; discovering and sharing Sebastopol’s core values. Inspiring ways of governing without impeding on our basic needs: resolving our traffic congestion, growing our local economy; increasing pedestrian safety, decreasing our carbon footprint, respecting our wonderful watersheds.

I’m running to swear that Oath of Office, protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States, and California.

Upholding that, is the only way we can recover our: jobs, economy, quality of life, rights, health, and peace of mind.

You can trust me to vote to protect our: infrastructure, education systems, parks, water, air, soil, food quality, abundance, health, habitats, safety, and emergency preparedness.

I stand with the 99%, and the City of Sebastopol’s mutual best interest.

Let’s Occupy the City Council together! We’ve got tools for this; let’s use them well.
PO Box 3007
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Big thanks for supporting all candidates for PEACE!