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Colleen Fernald

2008 Candidate for Sebastopol City Council 2008

Working for our balanced best interest

Occupation: Mother/Consultant/Artist

Having lived in Sonoma County 26 years, I am dedicated to preserving the precious small town charm of Sebastopol. Through listening to the Public, and applying effective problem solving skills, I wish to add to our sustainability by invigorating the local economy, and bringing wisdom and innovation for our social and environmental needs.

My career and volunteer work has been in marketing/advertising, water, wastewater and watershed issues, climate protection, sustainable property development, and Greener living. I would like to revive the Sustainable Sebastopol civic group to enhance our ability to make accountable choices in how we live and develop now, and for generations to come.

In 2002 I founded the Sebastopol Sustainability Conference and Festival, which evolved into the North Bay EcoFest. In 2006 I ran for US Senate as a way to inspire an inheritable future by calling for an end to unconstitutional war, the use of torture, and nuclear weapons. I continue to be an ardent supporter of the progressive values we hold dear

I’m inspired to building a bridge for unity in our community; and continue the work it takes to make Sebastopol a model for smart living. I appreciate hearing what you want for Sebastopol.

Issues, Facts, & Details

Press Democrat link for video clip on NEAP and Measure M
ABC 7 Video clip

Traffic is tied with Accountable Development
We need to resolve the current transportation challenges in order to serve the existing community, and visitors; if we are to provide for accountable development in scale with our small town. We need to require Community Impact Reports. Investigate an electric trolley system; enhance safe pedestrian and bike routes.

Water & climate security
Water quality, quantity and watershed protection; along with green building, waste reduction and renewable power production are the essential areas to focus on for an inheritable future. Continue to support all renewable energy power possible for Sebastopol & Solar Sonoma County, and the Climate Protection Camapign; partner in more watershed protection programs and projects; seek grants for a groundwater management plan and broader water conservation efforts.

Community vitality
Ensure our safety & medical services are supported; redeploy Sustainable Sebastopol as a vehicle for a multi stakeholders group, to protect our ecological health, and social well being; invigorate the local economy.


FAST FACTS PO Box 3007 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

In October I turned 47.

I’m a single mother of 3 children ages 22, 20, and 12.

My primary career is a Consultant in sustainable property practices, products and services.

Main volunteer position is the Russian River Watershed Council.

I have been a student at the SRJC over the course of many years with 40 units focused in art, music, film, video & computers.

I am pro choice and pro life.

I consider myself omni-partisan and omni-religious; that is, I work to adopt and share the best of all I can find.

I’m a citizen lobbyist for a safe, and greener world.

Progressive Democrat who votes for the person, not the party.



As the daughter of an Air Force Lt. Col., Colleen Fernald has lived in South Carolina & Hawaii and a few spots in between. In 1982 she landed in Cotati to take a live/work position at the renowned Prairie Sun Recording Studios. Finding that Sonoma County has so much to offer, Colleen has made it her home and had 3 children along the way ranging in age from 22 to 12.

Her career has been focused on sales, marketing, and advertising. In 2004 Colleen received her Green Building certification from NARI which she utilizes as a Consultant in sustainable property development. Her primary client is a local business, the Natural Home Design Center.

Colleen is the Founder/Coordinator of the Sebastopol Sustainability Conference & Festival, which took place in 2002 and 2003. In 2004, she partnered with the Producers of the Health & Harmony Festival to evolve this event into the North Bay EcoFest. In addition to those events, Colleen has applied her production skills to: The Creativity Cafe, Children’s Interactive Expo, the New Living Expo and the Sonoma County Watershed Day.

Non-profit work includes: 4 years on the Board of Directors for the Russian River Watershed Council; former Boardmember for the Graton Community Projects, and Project Manager for pollution prevention projects; member of the Sonoma County Water Coalition, the West County Watershed Network, and RRWC representative for the the Salmon Coalition. Colleen was selected to serve on the Climate Protection Campaign’s Community Climate Action Plan, and has previously done research for the CPC.

When Colleen was a member of the Graton Community Projects and also working for the Graton CSD, she initiated a grant request for Prop. 50 funds which resulted in receiving $650,000 for the GCSD. She was involved in the District’s groundwater management plan, and has been a citizen lobbyist for water quantity and quality issues on the local, State and Federal level.

On the political front, Colleen wanted to raise the bar with regard to sustainability for Sonoma County as a whole and entered this year’s Board of Supervisors race in the 1st District. After meeting with another candidate, Will Pier, she dropped out and helped launch his campaign which has helped him to be in the runoff this November.

Prior to that she was the Team Leader in the 6th Congressional District for the Dennis Kucinich ’08 presidential campaign.

In the 2006 Democratic Primary, Ms. Fernald ran for US Senate as a means to end pre-emptive military invasions. Her campaign ran only 3 months, with a budget of less than $5000, and she received just under 200,000 votes. Shortly after winning her seat, challenger Dianne Feinstein did introduce legislation to sunset PL 107-243, which was the 2002 authorization to use force in Iraq. That bill died in the Foreign Relations committee which Feinstein served on at the time.

Colleen Fernald is a member of the Progressive Democrats of America, the Progressive Caucus and Environmental Caucus of the California Democratic Party; though she prefers the inclusive term omni-partisan, and seeks good ideas from all political parties and respects the choice of those who decline to join a party.

For the last 6 six years Colleen has been attending the Sebastopol City Council meetings. Now she wishes to add her skills and innovative ideas more directly to our community’s unique bounty of issues, challenges, and possibilities and help build bridges for enhanced livability in Sebastopol.