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Campaign for Peace

Sensible Iraq/Afghanistan Exit Plan 

  • Initiate an international cease fire, and declare victory.
  • Use the United Nations to oversee the security forces transfer in Iraq and Afghanistan from now on. Bring the US National Guard home now, all coalition forces to exit next.
  • Allow the World Health Organization, and US EPA, to assess and remediate the environmental contamination left over from military activity, including; decontamination, or isolation of depleted uranium hot spots.
  • Sustainably re-build, using local and imported green building materials, and practices. Use the local work force as much as possible to support their local economies.
  • Develop efficient, ecologically balanced, water and waste treatment systems.

    Plant the organic seeds for community and government supported victory gardens/farms.
  • Develop efficient, clean power systems. No nuclear power, or weapons of any kind, for any country.
  • Initiate and fund sufficient programs to address the physical and psychological needs of our returning veterans.
  • Pass a law to prohibit any further optional conflict, pre-emptive first strike with our military, or any other branch of government.
  • Work to foster peace and mutual respect


Please print this page and highlight the items you support,
and list your own 
priorities, mail to Senator Feinstein with
a cc to me. Let us know what it takes to get your vote.

Senator Dianne Feinstein
United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Thank you for participating in sensible democracy for all