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Campaign for Peace

Other United States government issues for 2006

  • Put an end to Public Law 107-243, and never again let a President lead us to war, or any offensive invasion, without a congressional declaration of war first.
  • End the use of torture.
  • Pass California Assembly Resolution AJR 36 – Real Homeland Security for California by bringing our National Guard back now.
  • Create Departments of Peace at City, County, State, and Federal levels. Work with the public and emergency services to create true homeland security. Work with the UN to implement an end to all international war and conflict, including our US led campaigns.
  • Demand government spending modified to reflect more wisdom, with regard to dollars spent on military action vs. disaster preparedness, and climate protection efforts in the US and abroad.
  • Universal health care; with a focus on prevention, and natural healthcare.
  • Affordable higher education for all.
  • Mandates of green building and renewable energy on all new building, or improvements done with tax payer’s money; including City/County/State/Federal buildings, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any natural disaster hit areas at home, or abroad.
  • Eco Tax via higher building permit fees for commercial and residential projects which do not utilize LEEDS (or similar) green building standards. Eco Credit, or permit fast track for those who do.
  • Eco Tax on businesses which do not recycle. Eco Credit for food related businesses which supply compost in partnership with local farms and community gardens, or oil for veggie fuels.
  • Public/private partnership to define smart growth and better transportation options, etc. for each region. Develop a Dept. of the Environment for every County. Include a multimedia, sustainability resources center for public and commercial education and outreach.
  • Smart water/wastewater usage and treatment. Focus on pollution prevention, conservation, and reuse.
  • Organic Victory Gardens in all possible homes, offices, schools, hospitals, prisons.
  • Community bulletin boards done in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, local artists businesses, and the community.
  • Invest in infrastructure with clean, safe, renewable power generation systems. No nuclear power or weapons for any country; it is not safe.


Please print this page and highlight the items you support,
and list your own 
priorities, mail to Senator Feinstein with
a cc to me. Let us know what it takes to get your vote.

Senator Dianne Feinstein
United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Thank you for participating in sensible democracy for all.