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Campaign for Peace


In addition to being a mother of 3, artist, poet and musician, I am developing a patent for a device to support women’s health, I’m also a consultant in sustainable property development.

Founder/Coordinator of the Sebastopol Sustainability Conference & Festival, which took place in 2002 and 2003. Co-producer of the 2004 North Bay EcoFest, Sales/Marketing/Production for: Creativity Cafe, Children’s Interactive Expo, the New Living Expo and the Sonoma County Watershed Day.

Prior to my campaign, I have been working with Women’s Media Group on a nationwide, co-op ad campaign to improve the quality of school lunches.

NGO work:

Co-Treasurer, and on the Board of Directors for the Russian RiverWatershed Council. Board member for the Graton Community Projects, where I am Project Manager for pollution prevention projects. Atascadero/Green Valley Watershed Council member. Council member on the Sonoma County Water Coalition. Member of the West County Watershed Network

My political experience for the past 4 years has been speaking to elected and appointed representatives, individually and at public meetings. I am lobbyist for a safe, clean communities. As a mother invested this planets ability to sustain human life, I  regularly speak up regarding: ending pre-emptive invasions, to prohibit a military draft, sustainability, climate protection, watershed protection, water quality and quantity issues, as well as, improved wastewater treatment and renewable power production.

Resumé of Colleen Fernald
PO Box 30 Sebastopol, CA 95473  707/876-9610 (ph/fx)

707/338-8796 cel

1/91 to present:  Consultant
Sales and Marketing for selected products and services, Founder/Coordinator of the Sebastopol Sustainability Conf. & Festival, Production/Sales/Marketing of: North Bay EcoFest, Creativity Café, Children’s Interactive Expo, Sonoma County Watershed Day, Graphic Designer and Art Director, Video Producer/Director, Sustainable Property Development – Green Building Certified, Sales Rep. for renewable energy systems and bio & phyto wastewater remediation services and products.

11/99 – 1/01: The North Bay Bohemian Santa Rosa, CA
Distribution/Production Assistant/Account Executive
Began with circulation and establishing new distribution points. Joined the Production Dept.; duties included: graphic design and paste-up of ads. Progressed to Advertising Dept. and was responsible for ad sales, design and collections.

2/99 – 9/99: ContentWorld Publishing Ventures, San Jose, CA
Sold advertising and promoted Content, a national trade magazine for content creation/media asset management.

10/95 – 2/96: ANT Internet Corp., Livermore, CA
Sold and promoted website development services.

3/93 – 8/94: Desktop Hollywood/Ted Nelson Studios, Sausalito, CA
Sales/Marketing/Office Manager
Promoted and managed nonlinear edit equipment rentals, general office duties and Personal Assistant.

10/82 – 9/84: Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, CA
Facilities Manager/Sales/Marketing
Maintained studio, offices and lodging. Managed relations with recording artists. Assisted in studio productions. Promotions at trade shows and industry related events.


KFTY Television Station, Santa Rosa, CA
Video editor
Edited movies to fit the television format

Damon Rarey Graphics, Santa Rosa, CA
Training on Aurora computer graphics systems

Climate Protection Campaign
Research Assistance 

Graton Community Services District, Graton, CA
Note taker for Board meeting minutes

E-Myth Worldwide, Santa Rosa, CA
Telemarketing for a small business development and coaching firm.

Time Arts Inc., Santa Rosa, CA
Quality Assurance
Tested OS2 computer graphic software.

Wine Country Radio, Healdsburg, CA
Account Executive
Sold advertising for radio station KRSH

L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles,CA
Sold Classified Ads


Russian River Watershed Council
Graton Community Projects
Sonoma County Water Coalition
Atascadero/Green Valley Watershed Council
West County Watershed Network
Green Alliance


Links for optimal living:

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Russian River Watershed Council
Sonoma County Water Coalition
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