Colleen Fernald for US Senate

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Great News for fellow Californians:

Colleen Fernald, California’s Constitutional Crisis Resolver, is on the official  ballot (her third time!) running for US Senator from California…

to represent
in the United States Senate

Stay tuned, further details will follow this news announcement shortly.

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Campaign Contributions


Campaign donations by check can be made to “Colleen Fernald for US Senate 2018” and mailed to:

Colleen Fernald for US Senate 2018
P.O. Box 1028
Sebastopol, 95473

Campaign donations by debit or credit card (or PayPal account) may be made via PayPal:

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Campaign Assistance

While this site is being updated, Colleen Fernald, California’s Constitutional Crisis Resolver, urgently needs your help.

  • Are you a PayPal expert or web design professional?
  • What other talents or resources can you contribute?
  • What’s your ideal platform to address our biggest challenges?

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Contact Colleen



Who Took the Pro-Truth Pledge for California’s 2018 Primary


Which politicians can you trust in the June 5 primary election? The following politicians in your state have chosen to commit publicly to the truth by taking the Pro-Truth Pledge and are being evaluated to help them stick to the pledge. None of their opponents have chosen to do so. Keep that in mind as you decide which candidates deserve your vote, volunteer time, and donations.



Lisa Remmer
Candidate for US Congress, District 12
I read original sources and original research whenever possible. Politicians who are selling an idea distort or lie too frequently. I will not.https://www.remmer4congress.com/


Carla Neal
Candidate for State Assembly, District 5.
I signed the Pro-truth Pledge because the facts point the way to truth and our understanding of each other and our world. The truth sets us free because we can see the reality and so begin to change with bigger dreams of a better way and pathway to change the things that need changing and make progress for our lives, our humanity, our environment and our economy.http://carlajnealforcaassembly2018.com/


Kevin Kensinger
Candidate for US Congress, District 48
I signed the pledge because our campaign is all about taking power back to the people, and the truth is central to that. No longer will we allow big business politicians to mislead the masses. We will provide real solutions and fight to unrig the economy; armed with science, math, and facts.https://www.facebook.com/WeHaveThingsToDoCA48/


Jacob Mason
Candidate for State Senate District 6
Y’all emailed me and I already do what you talked about. I’m running for California Senate to represent District 6.https://www.jacob-mason.com/


Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy
Candidate for State Assembly District 44http://rbkforca.com/


Tom Pratt
Candidate for State Senate District 8https://tompratt.org/


Jovanka Beckles
Candidate for State Assembly District 15
Because the truth will set us free!http://www.jovanka.org/


DeniAntionette Mazingo
Candidate for State Assembly District 42https://deniforassembly.com/


Erin Cruz
Candidate for US Senate
I have signed this pledge because the truth is what will keep us a free people.https://twitter.com/realerincruz


Nick Nicita
Candidate for State Assembly District 34
I think it is important that issues be debated with the truth, and not spun to fit a preset narrative.https://www.facebook.com/picknickad34


Carmen Montano
Candidate for State Assembly District 25https://www.facebook.com/people/Carmen-Montano/100010506492487


Jeffrey Cullen
Candidate for US Congress District 52
I signed the pledge because the basis of formulating effective public policy is agreeing on a verifiable set of facts, and then holding public officials/candidates accountable for what they say and do to address public policy issues/problems.http://jeffcullenforcongress.com/


Karen Schatzle
Candidate for US Congress District 39https://karenforthehouse.com


Lewis Elbinger
Candidate for US Congress District 1This pledge is consonant with my highest values, vision, interests and ideals.https://www.lewiselbingerforcongress.com


Robert Lawton
Candidate for US Congress District 4https://www.lawton4congress.com/


Harry He
Candidate for State Assembly District 9Truth is the only way to ensure a brighter future.https://www.harryhe2018.com


Richard Kahle
Candidate for US Congress District 50Our campaign is about ending lobbyist influence, cutting the deficit, and restoring trust in our government. Those efforts need organizations, such as PTP, to hold candidates and elected officials accountable. I welcome any effort to place math and objectivity before political talking points and exaggerated narratives.https://www.richardkahleforcongress.com


Robert Pendleton
Candidate for US Congress District 49I want to elevate the level of political debate, and break through bipartisan congressional gridlock rhrough compromisehttp://pendleton4congress.org


Jeffrey D. Burum
Candidate for US Congress District 26I believe in duty, honor, country through integrity.https://www.jeffreyburumforcongress.com


Omar Siddiqui
Candidate for US Congress District 48https://omarinthehouse.com


Alan Reynolds
Candidate for State Assembly District 41I signed the pledge because to me it is common sense and common decency. As an engineer there are no ways around facts, and in news and politics there should not be either.http:// http://www.alansreynolds.com


David Ernst
Candidate for State Assembly District 19https://twitter.com/dsernst?lang=en


Coleen Fernald
Candidate for US SenateOur biggest problem is truth decay.http://www.alansreynolds.com


Kurtis Wilson
Candidate for US Congress District 23I am a candidate running for U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 23 | California. I am a progressive individual with a long history of helping others. Among the many values I learned growing up, the two that come to mind are \\\”Honor thy Mother and Father\\\”, and \\\”Love thy neighbor\\\”. If I were to translate these virtues to match today’s political climate, I would have to say it means, “Protect Social Security” and “Healthcare is a Right” As a progressive democratic candidate, I pledge to represent with pride and will continue to stand strong against corruption, be bold enough to ask tough questions in search of solutions to make life in America better for all Americans, and most importantly, be reliable enough to follow through on my commitment to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and never turn my back on the constituents of my district once I am elected office. I am ready to do my part to form a more perfect union. Together, we will get America back on track.http://www.kurtforcongress2018.com


Kenneth Rotter
Candidate for State Assembly District 41Widespread false information is a threat to democracy and an educated electorate.https://letskeepmovingforward.com


Nils Palsson
Candidate for US Congress District 5I stand with our people (ALL of us) and the home planet we share. I stand for social, racial, environmental and economic justice for all. I believe that medicare for all, college affordability, campaign finance reform, real peace, racial justice, and solutions to the great crises of our time (including income inequality and climate chaos) are not only possible, but necessary. Right now. We stand at a crossroads, and I trust our collective wisdom to do what is right. And win, lose or draw, there is one thing I’m determined to do above all else: Tell the truth! This is precisely what is missing from our political system today. The scientific facts of climate change, the statistics of wealth inequality, the indisputable evidence of our common humanity, the collective challenges we face, and the proven common-sense solutions that exist, are all enshrouded in a thick web of corporate propaganda, media misinformation, partisan posturing and other obfuscations. The truth will set us free!http://nilsforcongress.com/


Akinyemi Agbede
Candidate for GovernorBecause it is the right thing to do.https://votesmart.org/candidate/151671/akinyemi-agbede#.Wv8fDEgvyUk


James Bradley
Candidate for US SenateWe cannot change the United States without bringing Integrity, Truth, Morality, Diplomacy and Family Values. We have seen the result of the current and past elected officials that has lost their way. We are faced divisions that are legion and we must vote in new officials that embody those attributes that make our nation great.http://jbradley2018.com


Gayle McLaughlin 
Candidate for Lieutenant GovernorThe truth should guide every elected official and their decision-making. In my 13 years of elected office, the truth has been my compass and will always be so. The truth is the most powerful weapon we have and the public should demand it from each and every candidate and elected official.https://gayleforcalifornia.org


Sofia Colin
Candidate for State Assembly District 37I am sincerely committed to upholding the honor and standards of the office I wish to attain with fearless devotion to truth, justice, and honesty in all endeavors, and to wholeheartedly encourage everyone to pursue this integrity for themselves.http://www.sofiacollin.com


Amanda Renteria
Candidate for Governorhttps://amandarenteria.com