Candidate Forum for Youth – Oct. 16

Meet the Candidates for Santa Rosa City Council

Presented by Youth Empowerment Council

Meet the Candidates Flyer

Candidate Forum Format

Each candidate will have 2 minutes to provide an opening statement.

Each candidate will have 1 minute to provide answers and/or responses.

Each candidate will have 1 minute to provide a closing statement.

We will conduct a lottery to determine the order of introductory statements. You will be asked to sit in order of those statements and pass the microphone to one another.  We will maintain the same order of candidates from the introductory lottery and continue in a loop. Each candidate will have the opportunity to be the first person to answer a question. We will rotate through the questions with the first person that answered the preceding question being the last to answer the following question.

All questions will be created by youth ages 24 and younger.

Questions from the audience will be written down on cards and collected throughout the forum. Those questions will be reviewed and synthesized for common themes when appropriate.  Final questions will be given to the moderator. Questions will be posed to each candidate with one minute allowed per response.

The Youth Empowerment Council will compose questions in advance to get the forum started.

We will have a volunteer keeping track of the time. The timer will hold up a card indicating when 30 SECONDS have elapsed, again when 45 SECONDS have elapsed, and finally when you MINUTE has ended. Please make every effort to wrap up your comments within the 1 minute time frame for fairness. The moderator will cut off speakers who abuse this limit.

We will provide a table in the back for all of the candidates to share and display literature for audience members to take. No posters or large-scale advertisements will be allowed.

There will be a table at the back with voter registration forms for unregistered voters to fill out. We hope to encourage young people who have never voted to begin a life of regular democratic participation.

We will be using a red, white, and blue theme for the evening.

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