Core Values: Human Rights & Due Process For ALL

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Colleen, I’d like to say that these are not core values. These are political aims, or taken together, an agenda which is BASED on your core values. Your values are admirable and I share many of them. If you really want votes and want to differentiate yourself as a candidate then please tell us how you are going to DO any of these things. Pick any 5 items you are promising to take care of in this list. If you can outline how you plan to accomplish any of this then you will stand out like a 50 carat diamond in a cesspool and you will have no trouble getting elected. We get promises every election. Our values are known and paraded before us every election. We need more than promises, we need someone with a PLAN. I would be very happy if you have one. Thanks- Cal

Good question.

We fund our true values; in our personal and professional budgets, purchases, and investments of time and money. Our elected officials fund the ones they are pressured to, or enjoy funding; or gain from funding.

I’ll give you my top 5 core values, I will swear to uphold, as policy and budget items; but not until we address #1 first.

Human Rights & Due Process For ALL

Pass a bill ending all unconstitutional, strike-first: acts of “war”, missions, policies, and appropriations.

Look up Senator Feinstien’s first act when she won the 2006 election.

In 2007, she put forth Resolution 3; a bill to sunset Public Law 107-243. That’s the one where the House and Senate allowed Bush to Occupy Iraq; without a declaration of war. We know the premise for that “shock and awe” military invasion of a sovereign nation, was based on deliberately false information.

In the 2006 Democratic Primary; this was my #1 platform issue. I challenged Californian Voters to challenge me, Feinstein; and all Candidate’s, to take a stand on this.

That’s why nearly 200,000 voters voted for peace, when they voted for me that year; landing me in second place.

I don’t know how many people took the other steps, and contacted her, to let her know this was a deal breaker issue. The result was; she took the issue to a Republican led committee, where it was safe & easy to let it die.

I don’t know why voters didn’t require our elected officials to deliver the needed results, on de-funding strike first, undeclared war for the 2 years the Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House.

Solutions? Here’s a start; make this a deal breaker for: every seat, in every election.

Local, state, and federal budgets are co-dependent. Dan Hamburg, from the Mendocino Board of Supervisors said just this; when I brought it up at the Economic Forum put on by the Sonoma County Human Rights Commission, yesterday in Santa Rosa.

It’s time we all require all government officials, who swore the oath of office – to uphold it now! Require them to pass a declaration calling for the end to all funding for military acts done, without a declaration of war from Congress.

Can’t repair all the local infrastructure & economies till they do; let alone go for all the new things we need for an inheritable future.

I’ve been “Occupying” the meetings and offices of local, State and federal officials for the last ten years with these facts.

The line item in our Federal budget is Department of Defense. To fund any other means of offensive military action, with any branch of: the military, special forces, CIA, FBI, State & local law enforcement; or contractor; is
a violation of our State and US Constitutions.

This is where the oath of office, is the power given to those sworn to it.

A) Take peaceful, legal action with our “domestic enemies”.

10 House members, including Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, did this in the DC Circuit court. It needs to be updated and given to a higher court. This can be a big game changer for the General Presidential Election this Fall.

B) Take peaceful action at your polling place.

Be a Voter For PEACE! Pledge to vote only for Candidates For PEACE!

Before you go; compel all the candidates to take a stand on ending all strike first operations; and resulting debt, and environmental devastation, destroying the quality of life of our entire population, and planet.

C) Call for a Cease Fire

On 9/7/01 the United Nations ratified an agreement for an annual day of cease fire for all. The first one was being held in New York City the morning of 9/11; and halted due to the attacks. The date for this action was moved to September 21st.

The United States has not delivered a call for our troops to ever cease fire, since we signed this agreement. It’s time we honor our troops, and everyone’s human rights; with a promise to uphold this contract.

Please see the work of Peace One Day for the details on that; and what is being done each year to celebrate the International Day Of Peace.

Join, or produce an activity for your community, so we demonstrate the non-violence at home; which we want to see in the world.

D) Help make the Campaign For PEACE! into a PAC for all “Candidates For PEACE!”; in all races!

It would involve a simple pledge of an oath, to uphold your Oath of Office; swearing to protect and defend the Constitution, from enemies foreign, and domestic. A binding commitment to de-fund all strike-first military actions; fund and authorize only Constitutional acts of war, and Defense; authorized by Congress.

I lost the little traction I had on this, and Songs For a Cease Fire, when crime disrupted my family 2 1/2 years ago. Then more tragically, when my daughter went missing this April 14th; and found deceased 4/20/12.

I’ve had no peace; due to her father’s refusal to honorably deal with her funeral, remains, and her possessions First, I had to be the Private Investigator, and police oversight committee; then my own lawyer – my hell is far from over.

Charlotte’s Law will be one of the first bills I’ll work to introduce on a state, and federal level; as a private citizen, or elected official. No one else should be harmed by the broken parts of our justice, and law enforcement systems.

I really need this village’s support on may levels. Injustice is prevailing so deeply for my family; and too many other ones to count.

Please help me root it out; and replace it with something which works in a more balanced way for all of us. Then we’ll have the resources to make our home, work, play, & habitats: safe, sound and thriving.

I’ve put too much into getting on the ballot to give up now; the issues are more critical than ever.

Ending our barbaric strike-first policies; is way overdue.

The means only benefit the 1%, while the cost is on the backs of the 99%, for countless generations to come.

That’s why the other 4 + issues must wait; until the majority align and take action on this.

When Occupy got a focus; and launched Move Your Money – we got tremendous positive results; no harm needed to be done; except for the reduction in returns for the 1%’s bottom line.

To me, the murder we carry out each day, in the name of the “war on terror”; is a far worse crime, than the theft which Wall St.; etc. profit from; without consequence, or proper oversight.

Peacefully, take the need for the US to lead all conflicts with peace – to the streets.

This is how we compelled our electeds to end the Viet Nam occupation.

How can we expect any sovereign nation, or tribe to have successful peace talks, and cease fires; if we refuse to lead by example?

(Ask Hillary, Pelosi, Boxer, & Feinstein, etc.; what’s up with that. They’re not just women, they are mothers. But they are continuing the male dominated policies, which destroy life.)

Wake up; we’re deep into 2012. Making sure that every person you vote for; is pledged to end the murder and Ecocide done in our name, with our debt and blood; has never been more important.

E) Make sure you know what, who your voting for, stands for; or against.

F) Make sure they will deliver on what you require of them.

G) Make sure your vote is accurately counted.

Getting America’s real core values accurately defined and represented
in local, state and federal funding is not rocket science.
It is real work.

Please encourage all you know to do it well;
peacefully respecting everyone’s sovereign rights.

I hope you find time to enjoy Mother’s Day.

Love & thanks ,

Colleen Fernald

The un-politician, who will vote for PEACE!

UNITED States Senate 2012

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