Continuing my campaign: Letter to supporters

As I work through the details of my daughter Charlotte’s memorials & projects; I am continuing the Campaign For PEACE.

Please forgive my delay in response; I do not have all the assistance I need just yet.

It’s impossible to tell you all how much it means to receive so much kindness from friends, strangers, and supporters. I am deeply moved.

Also very flattered to get so many calls, letters and e mails from an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, Green Party, etc. Patriots, and “no party” Voters.

I know I’m on track as the only Omni-partisan Candidate. This confirms my notion that it’s the parties that are a big part of the problem. Am I right on that?

If we co-create the ideal platform we want served; and tell all candidates what it takes to get our votes; then we all win; if we continue to assist the top voter getter in delivering it.

I remain dedicated to doing the best I can, to be a conduit for the 99% to Occupy the United States Senate seat in 2012.

Safe, effective General Assemblies on the local, State and national level, can help blend the solutions for our challenges to restore, and protect California, and our country; much better than a 1% controlled: House and Senate & President can. Right?

2/3rds of the states; working in concert together on vital issues, could literally save the world; and our own butts. I think it’s worth it to keep trying; don’t you?

That’s why the Campaign For PEACE is here; when you support it; you are supporting yourself.

Please stay tuned for updates. Keep me posted on your top 5 issues; the “deal breakers” it takes to get your vote.

Here’s a few of my core values. Do they align with yours?

I will work for PEACE; a cease fire for ALL!

I will work for affordable wellness-care for all citizens; with personal choice as a priority.

I’ll for for equal rights, for 100% of Americans.

I will work for the balanced best interest of YOU & Main Street.

Count on me for building the Made In The USA, and Made In California brand; as the best bets to bailing us out of the 1%ed tanked economy.

(Wall Street & The Federal Reserve, etc.; have run us into the potholes of toxic living, on risky gambles. We’re smart enough to engineer our way out; while we protect our state’s natural resources; and grow a reliant, clean energy network.)

I’ll work for the small, non-GMO farmers for all our local food security needs. I’ll stand to protect the bees; and other native life forms in peril.

I will work to ensure clean & balanced water security for all of California’s precious watersheds.

I aim to reduce the need for abortions to zero; while respecting every individual’s right to their own choice.

I’ll work to reduce the risks to our air; our privacy; our rights and due process, our system of justice.

I’ll try to undo the permanent Marshall Law we are nearly under. Although, I’ll really need your help. (Let’s make it easier; being the best citizens we can, to lead by example.)

I promise to work for an inheritable future for all children.

I pledge to fund a strong, prepared, non-toxic, non-nuclear Department of DEFENSE; through polices which do not include striking first; or depart from our requirement of only Congress authorizing the use of force; through a declaration of war.

I pledge to use the California, and US Constitutions to get us all there.

Does this work for you? Please let all the Candidates know. This will better ensure we get the will of the majority filled for a real change.

Thank you for your warm wishes, votes, outreach and support!

Colleen Fernald

The Un-political choice for California’s US Senate seat.

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