Victory for Occupy Santa Rosa

Victory for Occupy Santa Rosa – November 2, 2011

Open letter to the Thom Hartmann Show Producers & Santa Rosa City Council Members, & Press Democrat:

Thanks to the Thom Hartmann show for having me on the day after the Occupy Santa Rosa victory with City Hall,(1/2/11) and for keeping a big, and honest spotlight on the Occupy movement.

Hope we do it again; with other members of Occupy Santa Rosa, and Santa Rosa City Council members who’ve been consistently supportive of social & environmental justice.

I’d bet 99% of those there agree, only the one Council member who voted against camping for Occupy SR, and the Press Democrat “reporter”/agent, saw any veiled threats by the speakers; as mentioned in the 11/2/11 article.

I think the rest of us saw what it really was, earnest: love, compassion, respect, dedication to support our Constitutional rights; as well as, willingness to find working solutions for impacts created by the SR Occupation.

I saw brave citizens, with a rich diversity of: age, race, profession, political alignment, and income; who are willing to risk the harsh elements, and arrest, in order to protect the rights for us all; which are being more diminished each day.

(In the PD’s online photo gallery; that’s me in the pink sweater; using the non-violent communication skills the Occupy Santa Rosa folks have in place.)

After 8 years, of nearly once a week, occupying City Hall, requesting they use their power to uphold & protect the Constitution, to end unconstitutional war policies and funding; this was an amazing victory for We The People.

I am honored to having been able to bear witness, and deliver essential testimony.

Thank you Santa Rosa City Council, Staff and emergency services for understanding the importance of yielding, when extra-ordinary times, require extra-ordinary ordinances.

That’s the beauty of local governance, hearing and serving the people they’re delegated to serve.

Let’s continue to meet like this; not with the deaf ear many of you have given me until now.

So much more is possible when you freely serve people’s Constitutional rights, and the needs of Main Street; instead of just: Wall Street & Banks, here and around the world – too big to fail(?), the Federal Reserve, your campaign donors, trans-national corporation, & unsustainable fuels Lobbyist, etc.

Everyone, please encourage your families & friends to peacefully Occupy City Hall, County Board of Supervisors, your State Capitol, offices of every Senator & Congressperson, and especially the White House.

The moral, and fiscal price of the US Occupy of: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. is too high for our security, and debt to bear.

Once we correct this failed policy and expenditure; we can get to the next top 4 issues we find consensus for. Then work through the next top 5 issues; and so, on until we have balanced justice for all.

The full needs of AmericaCARE will be met; once unconstitutional warfare is de-funded.

Let’s encourage the Occupy movement to help form Constitutional Candidates for PEACE! & Constitutional Voters for PEACE! PAC’s for those who pledge an oath, to uphold their Oath of Office; which empowers them to work to protect everyone’s Constitutional Rights. Including the terms and conditions for going to war – only with a declaration from Congress; and only for defense, not offense. The other is a list of voters committed to only vote for Constitutional Candidates for PEACE!

Slumber no more; we are the majority. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Patriotically in PEACE!,
Colleen Fernald

California’s Constitutional Candidate for PEACE!
UNITED States Senate 2012

City to open negotiations with Occupy Santa Rosa

Tomaro Xi of Santa Rosa camps out with her children and a friend on the lawn at Santa Rosa City Hall as part of the Occupy Santa Rosa protest on Tuesday.

KENT PORTER/Press Democrat



Published: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 3:00 a.m.

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Occupy Santa Rosa protesters won another reprieve from eviction Tuesday when the City Council rejected a proposed Monday deadline for the removal of the City Hall encampment, agreeing instead to start negotiations on a permit to allow the camping to continue.

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The decision was cheered by protesters and followed by nearly three hours of passionate public testimony that several council members praised as a stirring display of civic engagement.

“I am overcome by your passion, your commitment, your emotion and your very sad stories,” said Susan Gorin, who teared up as she spoke. “We are witnessing history.”

Councilman Jake Ours also lauded the enormity of what the group had undertaken and the respectful manner in which they had conducted themselves.

“You’re trying to change our country and that’s not a little thing,” Ours said…

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