Occupy Santa Rosa City Hall

Occupy Santa Rosa @ City Hall today 5 pm
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let’s work to see if Transition Sebastopol can help Occupy Sebastopol, work with the City in crafting something formal, fair, and safe for the permit.

Please launch an effort to form Transition Santa Rosa, and help facilitate work with the Occupy Santa Rosa folks and The City of Santa Rosa as well;

Transition Sonoma; Occupy Sonoma need to be formed as well .

Emergency Preparedness, Transition – each City and County needs to form right now, to help us survive this current paradigm shift.

Imagine each town has a safe, and effective “Burning Man” type, “Art of Peace” installment, Occupy your town is the new Green It’s not “camping”; it’s living art.

With the right art spaces, signs, tee shirts, buttons, bumperstickers, and umbrellas; we can- “Occupy Everywhere You Go”.

(Let’s consent to making the whole “Occupy” thing “open source” on the copyright, ok?) ”

Brave folks are holding the space and rights; let’s help make it effective, safe, and community building for both the Public, and the local government.

Much thanks,

Colleen Fernald
This is a draft. Will you endorse it?

To: All Federal and State elected representatives;
County Board of Supervisors;
City Council Members, Mayors;
and all Municipal Staff
All Emergency Services Officials

From: We The People

We The People, request for you to:

Patriotically participate with us, in our “Occupy” upon, and for Public Space, using our Constitutionally given Freedom of Speech and Peaceful Assembly; regarding peace, justice, human rights for all; and appropriate funding levels for all State, and local governments.

Our beautiful, diverse human lives, from joyful to tragic; as UNITED States Occupiers, is reflected as an ongoing performance art installation – until our top priorities are being properly served.

This is not camping, if we wanted to camp, we’d choose a better spot!
The primary values of our country’s Main Street must be met; while the way our Federal government functions with: the Federal Reserve, international trade agreements and practices, large banks, the stock market, and others outside the USA – is corrected.

We are willing to respectfully dialogue with you,
until we can find fair, sensible agreements with you; always.

For now, we will focus on the top one; ending all unconstitutional “wars”.
Pass a resolution calling for the President, and Congress to:

  1. De-fund all acts of “war”, done without a Constitutional declaration of war.
  2. Call for an international cease fire.
  3. Pass a bill directing a full United States military, and Contractor Cease Fire.

4)Lead the way for the rest of the world, in ending all use of Nuclear weapons and power.

5) Initiate the Department of Peace; with Congressman Kucinich as the Top Official.

No more first strike war; for any nation, or village.
If we lead a cease fire, the others will follow.

If, We The People, insist that all elected representatives of the US
call for, and only fund missions, and methods of defense;
there will be no incentive for any others to strike us first.

End all optional military actions, and there will be funds to:
restore our infrastructure; and all other local and State government needs; and to:restore better equality, and quality of life, for us all!

Time for
No more unconstitutional WWIII

Insist that, NO more appropriations are funded with our current enormous debt,
for missions of strike-first nature; and demise of our quality of life.

Speak your truth to power; require power speak the truth.

Let’s Occupy each local government’s Public Comment time at their meetings, to peacefully, clearly state the results we want.

Show them the vision of the solution, not the problem. Then they will have something to work with. Sharing this as Occupy’s top goal; we have the power to end all optional conflicts.

Patriotically, we can co-create peace; one local elected body at a time;
and empower each State to protect its own, and our Constitutional rights.

My gratitude to all of you, brave enough to peacefully keep it going, until we obtain the needed results.

Patriotically in PEACE!,

Colleen Fernald
Mother, Artist, Solutionist

Californian Occupier, calling for a Constitutional
Government, providing PEACE & a healthy environment!

PO Box 3007 Santa Rosa, CA 95402
camapignforpeace.org songsforaceasefire.org
Please see these sites, and also occupytogether on facebook:
peaceoneday.org citiesforpeace.org nationalpriorities.org
occupysantarosa.org occupysebastopol.org

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